System Overview

Patent Integration is a software tool for integrated patent search and patent analysis operating on a web browser. The patent Integration has large 6 functions below.

Patent Search (Patent Database)

You can freely search for patents from patent documents of Japan, the United States, Europe and tens of million. We also have an interface that allows beginners to easily search for patents.

It can be utilized for prior art investigation and patent infringement investigation. It also has a convenient secondary patent search function, so you can proceed patent search productively.

In addition, using our unique PI score, we can rearrange patents in order of wider scope of rights, and can also be used for patent inventory / patent abandonment.

Patent analysis by patent text mining

By utilizing patent text mining technology, you can overlook the small to medium scale patent search population. By utilizing this function, it is possible to conduct a technical trend survey productively.

Patent analysis with patent map

You can easily create a systematic patent map. You can grasp the application trends based on bibliographic matters or tabulate patent literature based on technology classifications you created yourself.

Patent Viewer

Patent Integration has advanced patent browsing function, and patent specifications can be viewed productively.

Bulk View

This is a function to display patent abstracts with representative drawings in batch. You can screen productively from a large patent population.

Patent search method (Introduction).

Patent search method (Beginner).

Patent Search (Patent Database)

Patent Analysis