News Release

The publication scheduled for November 2023 is scheduled for Dec 11th. Service maintenance is scheduled for December 2 and will not be available during this time.
The publication scheduled for October 2023 is scheduled for Nob 12th.
The publication scheduled for August 2023 is scheduled for September 9th to 10th.
The seminar by Mr. Hiroki Kajima, a representative patent attorney at Nihonbashi Intellectual Property Comprehensive Office, titled "Basics of Patent Search Methods and Tips for Considering and Creating Search Formulas" will be held on April 28, 2023. During the seminar, use cases of the patent interpretation support assistant "Samaria" will be introduced.
We have newly launched an AI-powered patent document reading assistance assistant service called "Summaria". The service can be accessed and used for free at "Summaria".
2023-02-27 [Details]
Received the "Encouragement Award" in the Ecosystem category of the 4th IP BASE AWARD.
2022-07-04 [Details]
A new automatic classification function (AI Automatic Classification) using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is now available.
The upper limit of the number of downloads and landscapes for the search set by number inquiry has been expanded.
CEO Yoshiyuki Ose, will be on the YouTube channel on April 21, 2022 (Friday) from 18:30 to 20:00 under the title of "Overhead analysis using patent information for IP staff".
The publication scheduled for March 2022 is scheduled for April 9th to 10th.
The publication scheduled for January 2022 is scheduled for February 11th to 13th. This is because the data update work was delayed due to the specification change of the Japanese publication. From next month onwards, we plan to update on the first weekend of the month as usual.
We will exhibit at the "2021 Patent Information Fair & Conference" to be held at the Science Museum in Kitanomaru Park, Tokyo from February 2nd to 4th, 2022. Please come to our booth. Pre-registration for visits is from " here ".
CPC classifications for US patent covered
We will update the international publication data for April next time.
2021-04-26 [Details]
Display of division presence / absence / priority basics and repair of advanced search
The April bulletin data will be updated on May 10th (Monday).
The case of SHOFU INC. has been added as "use case" of patent integration.
We have shortened the trial period from 14 days to 5 days.
2021-04-12 [Details]
Raw Query search support, patent map function improvement
2021-03-16 [Details]
About patent integration tutorial video and document maintenance
We have opened a YouTube channel for patent search and patent analysis using Patent Integration. Please watch it.
We have added a functional description of the patent landscape " Patent Landscape Feature".
The data for May will be updated on June 8.
We changed the specification of the fixed link service to a fixed link to JPlatPat. Users can easily download the PDF of each country's official bulletin from JPlatPat.
2020-05-11 [Details]
Patent Integration Service Large-Scale Upgrades
Patent Integration service page has been changed to Please change the bookmarks etc.
Temporary maintenance is scheduled for March 18 (Wed) from 23:30 to 25:00.
We covered international publication (WO) until October 2019.
The usage fees have been revised due to the increase in the consumption tax rate and various server costs. We will continue to make improvements with the aim of providing reasonable service.
For our system maintenance, we will schedule the end of January to include the Japanese patent publication issued on December 26th and the Japanese publication published on December 27th. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Patent family, pdf inquiry etc functions are restored. Please contact us if there is a problem.
We can not currently use the patent family, pdf inquiry function. The cause is due to usage restrictions due to excessive use of external EPO service. We are currently dealing. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
We updated the patent classification database. You can search by patent classification according to PMGS (Patent Map Guidance System) 9th edition of August 2017.
Maintenance is scheduled for New Year's holidays. The data update for December 2017 is scheduled for January 15, 2018. We apologize for any inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.
1. User can refer to the documents by the application number in "Query number" search. 2. Representative drawings of Japanese patents can now be displayed. The prosecution information of Japanese patents can be obtained from a fixed link to JPlatPat.
During the 2017/4/3 06:00-2017/4/6 13:00, the download function can not be used by database maintenance. Please note.
We have increased server facilities. Along with this enhancement, patent search and analysis speed has improved.
During the 2017/3/5 19:00-2017/3/6 06:00, the download function can not be used by database maintenance. Please note.
During the 2017/3/3 19:00-2017/3/4 13:00, the download function can not be used by database maintenance. Please note.
During the 2017/2/4-2017/2/5, the download function can not be used by database maintenance. Please note.
2016-12-13 [Details]
About trouble of user registration and password reissue
2016-12-12 [Details]
Patent Integration Web Service LaunchedIntegrated patent search / analysis service available from web browser
2016-05-23 [Details]
We provide Patent Database to games of patent search 2016 sponsored by IPCC.
Version 3.5 Released! This version suppress alert of a SSL certificate (It's caused by server setting change.). Please update by Free Trial page.
2015-12-21 [Details]
Notice of Service Failure
2015-07-14 [Details]
We provide Patent Database to games of patent search 2015 sponsored by IPCC.
We offers a PDF bulk data of Chinese patents. For more information, please refere to $cn_raw_title.
We covered the JP patent publication, patent granted and utility model for 1983-1992. For more information on this coverage, please refer to Paten Database.
Applicant field has been added in addition to the Assignee field to the U.S. patents. We can expect more accurate patent search and analysis.
Version 3.52 Released
Version 3.51 Released
Version 3.5 Released! This version support JPlatPat (pdf, prosecution of JPO service). Please update by Free Trial page.
Because of JPlatpat service of the JPO, we do not able to provide the prosecution history and PDF publications services of Japanese patents.
2014-10-20 to 2014-10-25: Maintenance of EP patent publication.
2014-09-30 [Details]
We provide Patent Database to games of patent search 2014 sponsored by IPCC.
2014-09-28 [Details]
Notice of Service Failure
2014-07-07 [Details]
About Patent Integration version 3.0.
2014-06-02 [Details]
About Patent Integration version 3.0.
We adopted the SSD Storage to the patent database. Search speed is now faster 2 times from the old database.
2013-07-25 [Details]
We provide Patent Database to games of patent search 2013 sponsored by IPCC.
2012-08-22 [Details]
Login problem by updating Adobe AIR ver 3.4.
2012-07-05 [Details]
We provide Patent Database to games of patent search 2012 sponsored by INPIT.
The example of Patent Integration was published at the INPIT's patent analysis report.
2011-08-02 [Details]
We provide Patent Database to games of patent search 2011 sponsored by INPIT.
We launched a free patent search service called the "Patent Library", which allows every user to easily retrieve for patents of 39 countries around the world. This service can be used freely by anyone.
2011-01-08 [Details]
We concluded authorized distributor agreement with Taiwan professional patent service company Synergytek Consultancy (Taiwan ).
2010-11-22 [Details]
We concluded authorized distributor agreement with Indian professional patent service company aONErgy™ Intellectual Property (P) Ltd (India ).
Patent Integration was introduced by INFOPRO 2010.
Our article (Japanese Only) the "Text mining technology for Patent Analysis and Patent Search service Patent Integration" was published by Journal of Information Processing and Management of Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST). [PDF]