A new automatic classification function (AI Automatic Classification) using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is now available.


A new automatic classification function (AI Automatic Classification) using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is now available.

An automatic classification function (AI automatic classification function) using AI (artificial intelligence) with the latest deep learning (deep learning) technology is newly available. Please refer to " AI Automatic Classification" for details of the function and how to use it.

This allows screening operations such as noise removal during patent search to be carried out with high precision and efficiency.
In addition, the assignment of proprietary classifications, etc. to patent documents can be performed accurately and efficiently.

With this modification, users will be able to conduct patent search and patent analysis operations more efficiently.

Summary of renovations

AI automatic classification function

Until now, user ratings (links) such as "bookmarks" and "bookmarks" had to be assigned manually by the user, who had to manually check each document one by one. This manual process was very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and was prone to errors in checking and assigning links depending on the skill of the user.

With the AI automatic classification function, AI automatically infers appropriate "bookmarks" and "bookmarks" without complicated work, and the user can receive them. The user can check whether the suggested "bookmarks" and "bookmarks" are appropriate or not, and assign them to patents.

Execution Procedure

No special procedure is required to use the AI automatic classification function.
After creating a search set, select "AI Automatic Classification" from the Patent Analysis menu of the "Patent Search Result Control (Link)", and the AI Automatic Classification Wizard screen will pop up.

Select the search set to be analyzed for AI automatic classification (currently, the number of search sets to be analyzed is 3,000 or less, and you can apply it to all search sets within 3,000), select the classification type from "bookmark" and "bookmark", and click the " AI Automatic Classification" button.

Using previously assigned "bookmarks" and "bookmarks" as teacher data, AI (Artificial Intelligence) automatically learns and automatically searches for patent documents with similar documents from the analysis target.

Candidates for bookmarks and bookmarks are automatically displayed at the top of the list, so you can check the literature and add a new bookmark or bookmark. By clicking the button displayed in the inference result, you can easily add a "bookmark" or "bookmark".

After a certain degree of assignment, click "AI Automatic Classification" again to update the list. By repeating this process, you can efficiently perform noise screening and patent classification for thousands of patent documents.

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