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Company Name Patent Integration Co. Ltd.
Founder CEO Ose Yoshiyuki (Japanese Patent Attorney)
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Tokyo Office
RisonaKudan Bld. 5F, 1-5-6, KudanminamiChiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Capital 9 million yen
Number of employees 5 person (Including outsourcing)
Major Customers (A total of 8,000 users) Eisai Co., Ltd., ABBOTT JAPAN CO., LTD., Ricoh Electronics, Inc, TDK Corporation., NEC Patent Service, Ltd., BenQ Matrials Corp., BenQ Inc., American Medical Systems, Inc., University of Massachusetts

Published in the media

2022-08-25   Introductory article
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2022-04-21   YouTube
Our company's representative, Yoshiyuki Ose's seminar " A bird's-eye view analysis using patent information for IP managers " invited a leading person in the IP industry and two moderators YouTube channel " IP practice online ". The details of the video are " here ".
2022-04-05 & nbsp; Introduction article
Our article, " Comparison of list of patent analysis software, tools and services ", is " What is IP Tech?" ⑩ Patent Map / IP Landscape ”, operated by Toreru Co., Ltd.,“ Media that brings intellectual property closer to you ”,“ Toreru Media "was introduced. For details of the article, see " here ".
2022-02-10   Introduction article
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2022-02-06 & nbsp; Introduction article
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2021-12-07   YouTube
The Patent Integration and Patent Integration Report was introduced in the YouTube " Intellectual Property System Service Introduction Series 1st Patent Integration " on the YouTube Channel "Shiro Ataka's IP commentary channel". Click here for details of the article.
2021-10-09   Introduction article
The Patent Integration Report was introduced in the article " Do you know Free patent reporting service "Patent Integration Report " " on the blog "Patent Office Numa Blog" by the cloud-based patent management system "Jimwings Inc.". Click here for details of the article.

Corporate Philosophy

In recent years, the importance of strategic intellectual property activities through analysis of intellectual property information, including IP landscapes, has been attracting attention. On the other hand, in many companies, there is a big gap between the daily work of actual IP personnel and R & D personnel. In particular, in recent years, with the advancement of information technology, the importance of natural language processing by computers has been increasing year by year, but the current situation is that many companies continue to operate in the old-fashioned way.

On the other hand, in patent information analysis and IP management work, although high-cost specialized software has been commercially available, the users are limited to a small number of IP-related people, and they are within companies and universities. However, it is a situation that is only a limited activity. In addition, as a factor, intellectual property system tools are expensive and require specialization in operation, and it is difficult to introduce them only in large companies. On the other hand, when performing a bird's-eye view analysis manually, it is enormous. One of the factors is that you have to be prepared for man-hours and long-term analysis work.

At our company, "general IP personnel and R & D personnel" of small and medium-sized enterprises, start-up companies, universities, patent offices, and other small businesses work on IP information analysis, and it is short with simple operations. Our corporate philosophy is to realize software services that provide analysis results in time.

Business Area

① SaaS type patent search /analysis system /patent integration
(2) Patent analysis report service /patent integration report automatically created based on the latest data

Do you have such troubles in patent search and analysis?

  • I can't get the whole feeling even if I search for patents and analyze patents.
  • I'm not sure about the technical position even if I'm searching for patents of each company
  • I want to work on the IP landscape, but I want a hint of the analysis axis and analysis policy

Patent Integration is a reasonable patent information system that allows you to easily get a bird's-eye view of patent information in a short time!

  • Patent Integration is a patent search /patent analysis system that integrates a patent database and a visualization function of patent information using natural language processing technology.
  • While proceeding with patent search, you can visually overview and grasp the content of the search, and in a "short time" you can get the overall picture of the search /analysis, the analysis axis, and hints on how to cut the analysis!
  • By automating the whole bird's-eye view of the patent set with the system, you can focus on the original work such as hypothesis planning and analysis policy!