Patent Integration was developed to provide patents search and analysis software and services.

Although patents information includes rich technological information, most of companies does not use this information because of the difficulty of patents view and search. As a result, many companies invest their money in developing non-novel technologies (invention of wheel). It causes inefficient industrial research and development. And some companies lead to waste because of joining new market, barriered by other companies patents portfolio. It yields loss of investment of research and development.

Patent Integration is not a magic tool, but it provides high productivity Patent Search solution, never provided by other Patent Database. And it enables to do new operations, is impossible substantially in previously Patent Database due to take a much time.

Patent Integration aim to provide following merits for society through software development.

  • Promote research and development of a business and a university through reducing overlapping research and development by efficient use of patent information.
  • Solve a subject, is not solved another fields, by prompting researcher to understand wide variety of technological fields.
  • Promote efficient competition and produce valuable products by a researcher grasping a tendency of technological development or a efficient catch-up strategy of a company or university.