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$800.00 / 1yr $80.00 / mon
  • Individual license for the common business user and patent searcher.


$550.00 / 1yr $50.00 / mon
  • Individual license for students or public researchers.


$2,400.00 / 1yr
  • A license for use by whole company or students.
  • * We will provide a license to the domain of e-mail. All user of the same domain can use the Patent Integration Service.

About Software License

  • User registration is required for each user. We are prohibited share of a single user ID (license) by multiple users.
  • Please consider in the case of the use of three or more users, we recommend corporate license.
  • We are allowing the same user to use the software on more than one PC (such as portable machine and home computer).

Major Customers (A total of 8,000 users)

Eisai Co., Ltd., ABBOTT JAPAN CO., LTD., Ricoh Electronics, Inc, TDK Corporation., NEC Patent Service, Ltd., BenQ Matrials Corp., BenQ Inc., American Medical Systems, Inc., University of Massachusetts