Login problem by updating Adobe AIR ver 3.4.


By updating to Adobe AIR version 3.4, which was released by Adobe on August 22, 2012, user can not log in to the Patent Integration system has been reported. You can avoid the problem by downgrade to version 3.3 or less in that case. Please refer to the following procedure.
In addition, the search results etc. does NOT deleted with this uninstall.

1. Uninstall Adobe AIR 3.4.

To uninstall the runtime has been installed, follow these steps.
- Windows PC
  1. Goto Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double click "Add and Remove programs" icon.
  3. Click "Remove" button next to Adobe Air.
- Macintosh PC
  1. Double click "Adobe AIR Uninstaller" placed in /Applications folder.

2. Install Adobe AIR 3.3 or less(3.1).

Please download Adobe AIR3.1 for Windows or Macintosh by the following URL or file link. You can install an older version of Adobe AIR by double-clicking the downloaded file.

3. Boot Patent Integration

Please check that the Patent Integration is available to boot after the installation of Adobe AIR is complete.