About Patent Integration version 3.0.


Patent Integration Version 3.0 includes the following significant function enhancements.

To use these feature, please update your Patent Integration software to Version 3.1 (Please refer to the following instruction to update software.).

Coverage of Legal Status / Examination Information (US/JP)

We covered legal status / examination information of U.S. and JP patents.

Regular updates will be made in the future.

(* For more details about status CODE, please refer to Legal Status / Examination Information and Current Status.)

Legal Status / Examination Information

Other Enhancements

  • We employ a SSD storage. Download speed is much faster, you can download 2,000 patents within 5 minutes.
  • We covered Patent Value Metrics (Number of invalidation trial, Number of infringement decision, Number of provision of information etc...) of Japanese patents.
  • We covered last date of invalidation trial, last date of infringement decision, last date of provision of information etc... of Japanese patents.

Update to Version 3.0

Please click "INSTALL NOW" in Free Trial to install latest version.

If you can not install Patent Integration, please see "$text_94", and zip compressed installer can be downloaded from Patent Integration Installer [zip compressed installer].

[* If you are installing on Windows 7 or Vista please change your security settings. Please refer to here.]

  • If you forget the temporary key, please re-issue by referring to the Password reset.
  • You can login by e-mail address instead of the user ID.