Patent Integration Web Service Launched
Integrated patent search / analysis service available from web browser


Patent Integration web launches today! A service that enables you to search and analyze patents around the world on a web browser

We began offering a new product "Patent Integration web". By Patent Integration, you can search patents all over the world such as the US, Europe and Japan, WO publications etc on the web browser, and perform advanced patent analysis such as text mining, graph creation.

Advanced analysis functions such as convenient user interface, text mining, map function, etc. can all be used from anywhere on a browser with various devices.

You can use the service freely after user registration from the following link.
Free Trial

Characteristics of Patent Integration web

  1. Service can be used by major web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer.
    * In addition to Windows, it can be used from various devices such as iPad, Android.
  2. Supports all advanced search and analysis functions such as text mining and map function.
  3. Search results are stored in our server. When sign in, you can use search results on all devices.

In addition, customers currently using the client version can use the web version as it is with the current account without doing special procedures. (* Please set your password after sign in)

* The AdobeAIR application version will be stopped in the future, and we are planning to end support. Although it will not become impossible to use immediately, please gradually shift to the web version.

Schedule for future function expansion (scheduled for 2017)

We plan to expand various functions in the future.

  • Correlation analysis (Visualize connection between applicant and inventor)
  • Large scale network analysis (tens of thousands of patent text mining functions)

Points to note when using the Patent Integration web

  1. Search results are stored in server.
    * Please set appropriate password and periodically update it.
  2. Adobe AIR version currently provides the following functions are not offered in web.
    • Display of PDF publication on full text display screen
    • Display of examination progress information of the JPO
    * Both are information available from J-PlatPat. Please use J-PlatPat for information inquiries.

Information on usage fee for patent / integration

  • Business 1ID $80.00/month ($800.00/1yr)
  • Corporate $2,400.001yr
  • Academic 1ID $48.00/month ($480.00/1yr)

And the subscription fee will not be changed. We will continue to expand our service in the future with the goal of providing the best patent service to all our customers.