Notice of Service Failure


Notice of Service Failure

Due to a system failure that occurred around 15:00 (GMT+9:00) September 27, 2014, part of the patent search service is not available (Service of the U.S. application, U.S. granted, JP publication and JP granted, JP English Publication, and EP publication are not available).

Service Failure Recovery

For each database that you can not search, we are rebuilding the index now.

The rebuilding of the index proceeds gradually. We are planning a full recovery to the date and time of the following.

While index rebuilding, you can use the service, but the search records are limited to only those of the indexed. Please take care search results is not perfect.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

In addition, we will announce on this page the recovery progress.

  • JP Publication (Completed)
  • JP Granted (Completed)
  • US Granted (Completed)
  • US Application (Completed)
  • EP Publication (Completed)
  • JP English Publication (Completed)