Patent analysis with patent map

Patent Map Function creates a bibliographic patent map (patent chart) on the basis of the searched population.

Visualization function is suitable for middle to small population patent analysis, but is not suitable for large analysis due to natural language noises such as synonym and homophone.

Patent Integration enables bibliographic patent analysis of thousands to million patents population. Patent Integration aids patent strategy from college to country level.

Patent Map Wizard

You can configure parameters of patent map by patent map wizard.

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Patent Map (Patent Chart)

You can set a chart type (line, column, area, bubble, pie charts) of created patent map. And you can output the patent map as a PDF format or a numeric data. And you can easy to read each patents belonging to each population.

How to create a patent map

You can create a patent map of a population extracted by Patent Search. Now you create a patent map of a population. When you conduct a Patent Search, the Search Result Control will be shown on the left side of the Patent Search.

Then click the "ANALYSIS" button to open the analysis menu. And choose the "MAP".

Patent Map Wizard

Then the patent map wizard window be popup. You can choose the dimension of the patent map from 1 parameter or 2 parameters. Now you create a patent map of one dimension.

Then set x-axis. You can choose a field of x-axis from the following fields. Now you create a patent map of patent filling date transition. So you set x-axis as a "Filling Date".

Patent Integration has an AUTOFILL function shows suitable candidate for creating a patent map. You can click "AUTOFILL" button on the right area of the patent map wizard. This function is good for small population (in the case of filling date range is unknown). You can set a term unit by patent map wizard easily. For example, if you want to create a patent map of short term period patent publication trend, you set TERM UNIT as Y:0 M:3 (3 months).

Then click a "PLOT" button.

Patent Map

All patent maps are stored in database. You can access created patent map from "HISTROY" of Search Result Control in Patent Search. You can attach comment on these patent maps, and easy to manage these patent maps.

Select a chart type.

We can choose chart type from following types.

Line Chart It is suitable for trend patent map.
Area Chart It is suitable for comparison of 2 dimensional line chart. y-axis plot method selectable
Column Chart It is suitable for various value. y-axis plot method selectable
Bubble Chart It is suitable for overlook many values.
Pie Chart It is suitable for compare a share of series. Available only for 1 dim patent map.

Patent Chart Kind

Line Chart

Area Chart

Column Chart

Bubble Chart

Pie Chart

View each patent

We can view each patent by clicking plotted point. We can switch the panel by the upper right button.

Click the document icon.

Then abstract view window (abstract + claim view) be popup.

We can filter these overview patents by "FILTER" button.

Other Functions

Attach a memo to the patent map.

To attach a memo, click the upper left button labeled S(population ID):Map ID. If the memo is attached already, the memo button is red and roll over a mouse cursor to confirm the contents of the attached memo.

Output PDF and Print out

We can save the patent map as PDF by clicking the upper right PDF button.

Copy plotted data to a spreadsheet program.

We can copy plotted data to a spread sheet program. Click "GRID VIEW" tab of patent map function. And click "Copy to Clipboard" button.

Then we can paste these data to a spread sheet program such as Excel and OepnOffice.

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