Similarly Patent Search

The similar patent search screen is shown below. 

The user interface of the similar patent search function is shown below. 

① Patent type Similar patents Select the type of patent gazette that will be the search condition for the search. 
② Input field Enter the patent publication number (publication number, registration number) To do. 

Similar patent search screen/user interface

The similar patent search function provides specific patent publications. You can easily search for patents similar to numbers. 

1. Selection of patent type

 Select the type of patent gazette (search source patent gazette) that is the search condition for similar patent search. This time, select the Japanese patent gazette. 

2. Entering the patent document number

Enter the patent document number in the input field. This time, enter Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2020-085439. 

3. Click the search button

When you click the search button, the document content of the patent document entered in the input field is analyzed and a search query is automatically generated (a query in which the search term is weighted for each keyword is generated. It will be generated) and the search will be performed. If you perform search expression restoration, you can check and edit the search expression generated at this time. 

The listed publications can be viewed in abstract format by clicking the flag icon ( Abstract display function (individual matter)).