What is the security? 

Patent Integration provides services on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's largest cloud service, with appropriate security and administrator privileges. AWS is widely used by government offices, large corporations, financial institutions, etc., and is a service with the highest level of reliability and safety in the industry. 

In service operation, we regularly obtain security information and strive to improve security. We provide services in the highest level of security environment as a cloud service. 

In addition, the communication content with the server is encrypted by 256-bit SSL communication and cannot be viewed by a third party. The search/analysis data stored on our server can only be used to improve our services based on the terms of use, and will not be used in combination with the search data of other users, and will not be used by a third party. It will never be shared with. 

Is there a name identification function? 

By using Person Grouping, you can identify the applicant's name, inventor's name, etc. By using the person grouping function, you can perform patent search ( Patent Search Feature) and patent map creation ( Patent Map Feature) collectively for each company group or industry. 

Can I get the PDF of the patent gazette? 

Click the JPlatPat fixed link button from Abstract display function (individual matter) to open the JPlatPat fixed link of the JPO of the relevant publication. Clicking on the publication number or registration number will switch to the document display screen, so you can obtain the original document PDF of the patent publication by clicking on the document unit PDF. 

Can I download patent information in list format? 

By using Download Function, you can download up to 10,000 patent gazettes in CSV format within the basic charge.