Bookmark Feature

To create a bookmark, select bookmark from the setting menu in the upper right of the screen.

Then, the bookmark window pops up. In the bookmark window, you can create new bookmarks, change bookmark names, change bookmark order, delete bookmarks.

Add new bookmark

You can add a bookmark by entering the bookmark name you want to create and clicking the "Add" button.

Granting a bookmark

The created bookmark can be granted to the patent search result and each patent publication.

Granting bookmarks to patent search results (patent search population)

Granting bookmarks to patent search results is done from patent search result control. As shown in the figure below, bookmarks can be easily added. You can also filter patent search results by bookmark.

Granting bookmarks to patent publications

You can give bookmarks you created to each patent publication. In this example, bookmarks were given on the list display screen in the patent search function as an example. Note that bookmarks can be granted at patent browsing in various functions such as patent browsing and patent text mining.

Again, you can filter the patent publication based on the bookmarks granted.

Edit bookmark

In the bookmark window, you can also edit the bookmark you created.

Rearrange bookmark order

For example, if you use a large number of bookmarks, you probably want to collect frequently used bookmarks towards the top.

Bookmarks can be rearranged in order (bookmark combo box display order) by up and down buttons.

Note that the order of displaying bookmarks in patent search results and in each patent document is the order of bookmark window.

Change bookmark name

The bookmark name displayed can be edited freely. After completion of editing, pressing the Enter key saves the changes.

Delete bookmark

Bookmarks can be deleted by clicking the trash icon.

As the bookmark is deleted, the bookmark of the patent search result and patent publication to which the bookmark is attached is also deleted. Please note that once you delete the bookmark you can not restore it. In other words, the information on bookmark granting will also be deleted and can not be undone. Be careful when deleting bookmarks and delete them.

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