Patent management by Patent Portfolio

Patent portfolio function

Patent Integration can give ratings, bookmarks and notes to each patent document in various patent search, patent analysis scenes. The rating, bookmarks and notes you give can be managed with the patent portfolio function.

Open patent portfolio function

In the patent portfolio screen, select "patent portfolio" from the menu in the upper right of the screen.

On the patent portfolio screen, you can list patent documents with 'rating', 'bookmark', 'memo' attached as shown below.

The patent documents are listed in order of rating. The sort order can be interchanged.

Filtering patents

The listed patent documents can be narrowed down under various conditions.

Filtering by publication kind

From the top left choice, you can select the patent document kind you want to narrow down.

Filtering by bookmark

You can narrow down only patent documents belonging to a specific bookmark using bookmark options.

Filtering by memo

Full text search can be done from notes attached to listed patent documents. In the example in the figure below, we narrowed down patent documents in which the character string "circulation" is included in the memo.

CSV output of patent portfolio

You can copy the list of patents listed in the patent portfolio to the clipboard and output CSV.

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