Person Grouping

By using the person grouping function (person name, applicant name merge function, group function), it is possible to compile a plurality of applicants collectively in the patent map function, and to systematically search a plurality of applicants across patent search You can do it.

To use the person grouping function, select the person grouping function from the setting menu in the upper right.

This section explains how to create and edit person groupings and how to use person groupings.

Benefits of using person grouping function
  • You can systematically manage when you want to search / compile patents of companies that changed company name such as Matsushita Electric → Panasonic (basic usage as a name identification function).
  • You can systematically manage when you want to collect and search patents of group companies (Matsushita Electric, Matsushita Electric Works together as "Matsushita Group", etc.).
  • Since applicant name, inventor name, agent's name can be freely edited, for example, by creating a dictionary for each inventor of a specific department, it is possible to systematically manage patent information on a plurality of persons.

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