Patent Map Wizard

The user interface of patent map wizard is the following picture. Now we introduce a concrete method of how to using patent map wizard.

How to use the Patent Map Wizard

Configure the dimension of the Patent Map

We can choose the dimension of the patent map from 1 parameter or 2 parameters.

We can select a kind of x, y-axis column from various fields (filling date, publication date, assignee, inventor, IPC, USC etc...).

Person Fields (Assignee, Inventor and Attorney)

We explain how to set a column of assignee field as an example. The setting of inventors and attorneys is the same.

We select the "Assignee" as x-axis. And click "AUTOFILL" button. Then Patent Integration search and show top 30 assignees from subject population.

We can easy to click the check-box to add or delete column. Of course, we can edit text input manually by keyboard etc…. And we can select top 10 assignees by clicking "TOP10" button easily.

If you want to totalize across plural persons (grouping assignees, inventors and attorneys), see Patent map using person grouping in Person Grouping Function.

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