Patent value evaluation index index PI score

The PI score is a score obtained by applying our proprietary text mining technology and increasing the scope of claim so that it gets higher score. In recent years, evaluation indices focusing on citation relations between patents etc. are attracting attention as a value evaluation index of patents.

The number of citations will be correct as an indicator to evaluate the importance of technology. However, it is well known that the economic value of patent rights does not necessarily match the value of the targeted technology. Unfortunately, the milestone-like large invention often ends when the right expires before the full spread of it. For example, neodymium magnets will be an example.

On the other hand, the PI score is purely equivalent to an index that relatively evaluated the extent of the range of rights between patents. In other words, the value is evaluated based on the basic structure of the patent system that "patents with higher concepts are always worthier than patents with lower concepts". By utilizing the PI score, we can find important patents that were both nominated by our company and other companies.

By doing secondary search based on the PI score, it is also easy to extract only patents with a predetermined PI score range.

Points to be noted when utilizing PI score:

The PI score is evaluated at 1000 levels of 1 to 1000 patents. Patents without subordinate concepts of materials / materials tend to be generally scored to 1000 points. Meanwhile, among patents of the constituent system, patents with wide scope of rights tend to be evaluated to about 100 to 150 points.

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