Basic operation screen

This section describes the basic operation screen of patent integration. When you log in to Patent Integration, the following basic operation screen will be displayed. 

lbox [/images/img_wiki/0_basic.png | Basic operation screen]

The basic operation screen allows you to operate various functions from the following various user interfaces. 

① Screen switching button Patent You can switch screens such as search function, patent map function, text mining function, patent landscape function, and download function. 
② Function menu Bookmark Feature, Patent Portfolio Feature, Person Grouping, $controls_title, etc. You can set the usage environment for using Patent Integration. See Environmental setting for details. 
③ Help menu Tutorial, manual, recording period, examination information/legal status You can check the input value of. 
④ License menu You can continue the procedure by paying purchase. 
⑤ Gazette number input field Enter the patent gazette number and press the enter key. By doing so, the patent gazette can be displayed. 
⑥ Setting menu Usage environment settings (language, number of search history displays, You can customize the number of search result list display and the number of abstract display list display) ( Environmental setting). 
You can log out, switch languages, Password change, E-mail address change
⑦ Patent search results When you perform a patent search, the patent search results are accumulated. Will be done. Please refer to Search Result Control for the detailed operation method. 
The search set can be analyzed by Patent Map Feature, Patent Text Mining, Patent Landscape Feature, and the analysis results can be restored from the search history dialog. The refined search results by the secondary search function are also saved in association with the patent search results and can be restored from the search history dialog. 
⑧ Search screen See Patent Search Feature for details on the search function. .. 

Basic operation screen/user interface