Filter function (User evaluation)

User evaluation and filter function
How to give user evaluation to search results and use filter function

A description of the user rating and filter features. You can organize and manage patents by adding memos, bookmarks, ratings, etc. to each patent.

Click the filter button on the patent search screen to open the filter dialog. In the filter dialog, you can filter your search results based on User evaluation such as bookmarks, ratings, patent bookmarks, notes, etc. 

The user interface of the filter screen is shown below. 

① Bookmark
( User evaluation)
Select the bookmark to be narrowed down from Candidate, Next Candidate, and Exclude. 
Bookmarks are user ratings that are valid only within the search set. 
② Rating
( User evaluation)
Select the rating to narrow down To do. 
In addition to the match condition (=), the rating can be narrowed down by specifying a range of greater than (<) and less than (>). You can clear the conditions by clicking the clear icon. 
③ Patent bookmark
( User evaluation)
Patent bookmark to narrow down Choose. 
④ Memo Enter the memo text (partial match) to narrow down. .. 
⑤ Clear button Clears the filter condition. 

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