CLS Table

By using the patent classification table function, it is possible to easily grasp the patent classification given to multiple patent documents to which flags are set.

How to use the patent classification table

First, we set flags in appropriate patent documents. For example, if it is a patent search function, you can set flags from the list display screen.

Flags can be set from various functions such as patent text mining function, patent map function, patent browsing support function.

Display search results in a list and set flags.

After setting the flag, select "Patent CLS. List" from "ANALYSIS" menu of Search Result Control.

When you select the patent classification table, the patent classification table window pops up. In the patent classification table, it is possible to select the type of "flag" granted and compile patent classifications given to each patent.

In the patent classification table, it is possible to select multiple types of "flag" to be counted from "1st", "2nd", and "Exclude". By selectively using the "1st" flag, the "2nd" flag, and the "Exclude" flag, it is possible to select different patent classifications of different viewpoints from one patent search result (in particular, the preliminary survey result, the first survey result).

The type of patent classification to be counted can be selected from FI, F term, IPC 1-7, IPC 8, US class, etc.

The hierarchy of the patent classification to be aggregated can also be freely selected according to each patent classification. Depending on the purpose of the patent search, for example, if emphasis is placed on the absence of leaks, in case of emphasis on accuracy, regardless of the occurrence of leak to some extent in the upper hierarchy, selection of the patent classification of the lower hierarchy

By clicking the "book" icon you can add patent classification to the patent classification stack.

Usage note of patent classification table

Currently, the number of patent documents that can be counted in the patent classification table is limited to 10 cases. Analysis of patent classification status of further patent documents should use "distribution classification distribution analysis" in Patent analysis by patent text mining and Patent analysis with patent map for large patent search result.

Use in patent classification stack

By adding patent classifications such as international patent classifications found in various patent search scenes to the patent classification stack (patent classification bookmark), it can be easily utilized by the patent search function. To use the accumulated patent classification, click the "Cls Stack" button on the Advanced Patent Search.

The patent classification archive window will be launched. By clicking the green check button you can enter it in the input field. You can also delete the patent classification from the stack by clicking the trash can button.

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