Search Result Control

With the patent search result control, the search result extracted by the patent search function is systematically managed by the patent search result control, and advanced analysis functions such as patent classification table, patent text mining, patent map, collective viewing and the like are used You can do patent analysis. Patent Search Result Control is the very heart of Patent Integration.

Patent search result management function

Memo function

By pressing the memo button, you can attach a memo to the patent search result. In addition, it is possible to extract patent search results by memo by filter function.

When you click the memo button, the memo window will be displayed and you can fill in the memo. The memo button of the patent search result with the memo is displayed in red and you can check the memo by placing the mouse on it.

Rating function

You can set a rating of 5 grades in patent search results.

Bookmark function

You can set bookmarks created by the Bookmark Feature.

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Filtering patent search results

By clicking the "Filter" button in the upper left corner, you can search patent search results by combining notes, ratings, bookmarks. By utilizing the search function, it is possible to manage thousands of patent search results without stress.

Various functions of patent result control

Restoration of Patent Search Query

Re-enter the search condition of the patent search result into the "Search" tab. This is useful when you want to add or modify a condition to a search query that has already been entered.

Patent classification table

Aggregate patent classifications given to patent documents with flags set. For example, it is useful when specifying the patent classification to be used in this search based on documents that seem to have high relevance found in the preliminary search (primary search) of a patent.

Analysis function of patent search results

Patent text mining function

It is a function to visualize patent documents included in patent search results based on text mining technology. By visualizing, you can overlook the technical contents of patent search results.

Patent map function

Based on patent applicants, patent inventors, patent classifications (FI, F term, IPC 8 (international patent classification), IPC, USC) and other patent documents of dozens to millions, You can create it. It is a function suitable for global patent analysis.

Batch view function

From the patent literature, only a summary and the scope of the claim are excerpted, and several items (default setting is 5) can be viewed at a time.

Patent browse function

This function is useful when you want to view the full text of patent documents included in patent search results. By using from search result control, you can browse full text while listing patent search results.

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Download patent list

You can download patent lists included in target patent search in PDF or CSV format.

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