Classification Search

The secondary search function can be used by clicking the "MINING" button from the list display screen.

Secondary search using patent classification

To do secondary search using patent classification, select this icon.

When opening the secondary search function, the patent classifications given to the patent documents included in the primary search result are ranked.

Select the type of patent classification you want to narrow down.

It is also possible to display only patent classifications starting with specific letters in ranking.

In the entry field, enter the initial letter (prefix) of the patent classification for which you want to display the ranking. Next, when you click on the refresh icon, you can display only the patent classification starting from the input letter.

By checking the checkboxes of the patent classifications you wish to conduct secondary search and clicking the "MINING" button, you can narrow down the primary search results by the patent classification.

You can also narrow down by double clicking on a specific patent classification.

The secondary search history once generated can be easily restored by double clicking on the history of the yellow area on the right side of the screen.

You can also display a list from the history window of Search Result Control.

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