Patent search method (Beginner).

Patent search method Introductory section introduced an easy patent search method using search words. However, when conducting a patent search using a search word, in order to search for a patent document in which the same thing is described with different notation (for example, a solar cell and a solar panel), it is necessary to input all synonyms and perform a search Comprehensive patent search is generally difficult. Also, if you enter all the synonyms and perform a search, many documents that are not related to patent documents that are really interesting will be hit and the patent search efficiency will be significantly reduced.

On the other hand, nearly all patent documents are classified as "patent classification". The patent classification is a classification that the official of the patent office visually confirms and grants the patent document, the influence of the notation fluctuation peculiar to the natural language is small, and by using the patent classification search leak and It is possible to reduce both search noise . Recent patent search has become an everyday patent search method by efficient search (good and bad) efficiently combining full text machine search and patent classification search.

Patent Integration has a dedicated function for precisely specifying patent classification such as "patent classification table", and "advanced classification table" which can be easily transferred to secondary search from the medium-sized population specified by the specified patent classification "altitude Patent search (secondary patent search) "and can support patent search practices of various levels from a beginner who remembered a patent classification to a professional search expert.

This section explains patent search method using patent classification.

Patent search method (Introduction).

Patent search method (Beginner).

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