Patent Family

What is a patent family?

Independent rights are usually granted for each country for patent rights. In other words, patented inventions in Japan will not be automatically protected in the United States and other countries. In the United States and other countries, if you wish to protect the invention by a patent, you must apply for a patent to countries such as the United States separately and obtain a patent.

Therefore, many patent applicants may apply for the same invention to several countries for patent applications. These patents are called "Patent Family". To be precise, we call the "patent family" a patent application filed in each country (including our own country) claiming priority for one patent application.

In the case of developing a product to be produced and scheduled to be sold across multiple countries, if a patent having a patent infringement is found, by investigating the patent family of the patent, a patent infringement investigation on the same invention / It can be done efficiently on target.

Confirm patent family

You can easily check the patent family on the abstract screen with representative drawing of the patent document. First, if there is a patent family in the displayed patent document, the button family button on the upper left of the screen turns red.

Click on the right side of the button to display the list of patent families in a pull-down menu.

By selecting the patent family you want to check from the menu, you can load the selected patent document to a new tab.

By clicking on the left side of the button you can list national patent family with bibliographic items.

In this case as well, you can load the selected patent document to a new tab by clicking the document button.

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