Easy Patent Search

By utilizing the easy patent search function, patent beginners can easily search all over the world for patent documents around the world based on applicant name, inventor name, description.

When launching patent integration, the "Easy Patent Search" screen is displayed. Easy search can also be used by selecting "Easy Search" tab from the menu at the top of the patent search function.

Patent Database

Refer to Paten Database for selectable patent databases. Since we want to conduct general survey of prior art literature (investigation of what kind of technology is being developed) this time, we will search patent databases as "patent application".

Entering patent search conditions

Next, enter "Solar" and "Panel" separated by spaces in the entry field (search for patents containing both words).

After input, press the enter key in the input column or click the "search" button to start patent search. A search term, a population is created on the left side, and the searched patent documents are listed.

Conceptual search (semantic search)

The patent integration has a concept search function (semantic search) that analyzes input natural sentences, generates appropriate search words and conducts patent search.

To do a conceptual search, select the "Semantic search" checkbox. Enter the search term in the displayed input field with natural sentences and click the search button.

Search conditions are reflected in the relevance score in the list display, and patents with a high degree of relevance are displayed in a higher rank.

List of patent search results

By pressing the button on the upper left you can display the list display result of the next page.

In addition, the order of list display results can be selected from ascending order, descending order such as score (relevance to search condition), document number, filing date, publication date, registration date, etc.

Browse patent documents

When clicking the document icon in the patent search result list displayed in the list,

You can browse abstracts (summary and claims) of each patent document searched.

Patent search method (Introduction).

Patent search method (Beginner).

Patent Search (Patent Database)

Patent Analysis