Patent Download

You can downloads up to a thousand patents as CSV, XLS, XML or PDF formats with attributes such as memo, ratings and bookmarks. Patent Download function is available in Patent View, Compendium Overview, Patent Map Function and Text mining function.

Now we introduce how to download patents.

  1. And click the "DL" button on the above of the over view area.

  2. Then the batch download wizard will open.

    In "1.", You can specify a download format from CSV, XLS, XML (lists) and PDF (compendium) in the batch download wizard.

    In "2.", you can select the field to be output.

  3. In "3." you can specify the number of outputs and the output order. Currently, we support up to 5,000 batch downloads.

    Finally, check the download setting and click the download button to start the patent download.

  4. When the download is started, the screen switches to the download screen. Downloading is performed automatically by the server, so you can do other work while downloading. To return to the search screen, click the search icon at the top of the screen.

  5. Once the download is completed, you can download the file in CSV, TSV, PDF format from the pull down menu.

  • The output of PDF format is as follows.

  • The output of CSV, TSV format is as follows.

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