Patent infringement investigation using patent value evaluation index

What is the Patent Infringement.

Patent system is a system to grant exclusive rights in return for the release of the invention. Patent system exists in most countries around the world. Products infringe the patent will be subject to injunction and damages. In addition, patent infringement is also a punishment. It gives the company the financial and social sanctions.

In recent years increase in patent applications and faster product development has been difficult to fully investigate patent infringement.

By using our PI score, you can only investigate a broader strong patents. PI Score is our original patent evaluation scoring. The PI score indicates the broadness of the patent right (independent claim).

Patent Infringement Search

For example, we will search the patent infringement of "solar panel".

Note. In actual practice, you should create a comprehensive search population.

At first, search U.S. granted patents by "solar panel". Usually, you do not have to search not non granted publications.

Sort by PI score. And selecting the sorting from "Descending".

In the high PI score area, you can check the patent in the wide scope of rights.

Patent search method (Introduction).

Patent search method (Beginner).

Patent Search (Patent Database)

Patent Analysis