"Text mining function" and "Patent landscape function" give a bird's-eye view of the entire technical area in a short time to improve work efficiency.

Corporate Planning Department H. Y. (anonymous request)
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Please tell us about your business outline and business content.

We are a comprehensive manufacturer of organic materials and equipment that manufactures and sells organic materials and equipment. The General Planning Department, which belongs to the management department, is in charge of a wide range of operations such as formulating company-wide business strategies.

How did you learn about patent integration?

I searched the "patent database" from a search engine and found out about the existence of your service. As a result of a free trial including services of other companies, we selected Patent Integration because it is easy to use.

What is the purpose of using patent integration?

Patent search/analysis service (patent search/analysis service) that enables patent search and analysis because it is necessary to evaluate the technologies owned and lacked by each company in the analysis of other companies in the same industry-especially in the examination of alliance partner companies in their own business. We are using it as an analysis tool).

In particular, it is used to search for technological development and patent information when evaluating non-financial information of companies.

What kind of functions are you mainly using?

In the past, data was acquired in CSV format from JPlatPat, a free search service provided by the Japan Patent Office, processed in Excel, and patent analysis was performed, which took a lot of time.

By using the "patent map function" of Patent Integration, you can easily aggregate the application trends of each company, such as changes in the number of applications of the target companies, trends in technology development, and what kind of technology area (patent classification) the number of applications is increasing. I am saved because I can do it.

Overview of patent map function [Video]
Patent map function image diagram

In addition, I used to analyze data in my own business, and I also use the "text mining function" and "patent landscape function". I feel that I can get a bird's-eye view of the entire technical field in a short time and contribute to improving work efficiency.

Overview of text mining function [Video]

Overview of patent landscape function [Video]

In the future, I would like to visualize the core competencies of the target companies (core technologies that cannot be imitated by competitors) and analyze the matching of technologies. I would like to propose areas of focus from the perspective of.

Who would you like to recommend patent integration to?

Patent Integration has reasonable pricing and an intuitive user interface, and I feel that it can be used not only in the IP department but also in a wide range of segments such as corporate planning and marketing departments. I think there is room for it to be used in business strategy and business marketing departments like ours.

(Date of coverage: April 12, 2021)