Organize and aggregate information on the downloaded patent list at hand, attach summary information that describes the summary of each patent, and provide information to related development departments-Examples of use in "medical device development companies"

Medical device development company
Mr. S.H., General Manager of Intellectual Property Department (anonymous request)

Please tell us about your business outline and business content.

We are a company engaged in new development, manufacturing and sales of medical equipment.

Since it is a relatively small organization, there is only one person in charge of IP, and I am in charge of all IP operations including patent search/analysis, application, and contracts. We also carry out operations such as product development and business development.

How did you learn about patent integration?

I searched the "patent database" from a search engine and found out about the existence of your service.

What is the purpose of using patent integration?

It is mainly used for patent evaluation of products to be developed. Specifically, when developing a certain product, we consider who is the right holder of the patent for that product, whether the right is valid, the transition status in Japan and overseas, and the content of the claims, and then develop the product. We are evaluating the direction of.

It is also used to understand competition and industry trends when advancing product development. Specifically, when proceeding with product development, we will search for patents of competitors, what kind of competitors exist, and what kind of technology areas we are focusing on in chronological order.

What kind of functions are you mainly using?

Basically, by searching for patents by applicant, inventor, keyword, patent classification, etc. and listing them in a list, you can get an overall sense of patent information, and if necessary, use the patent map function for time series graphs, etc. By doing so, we evaluate the overall trends such as the increase and decrease in the number of applications and the atmosphere of technological trends.

In addition, since many patents can be downloaded in Excel list format, the information is organized and aggregated at hand for the downloaded patent list, and the summary information that describes the summary of each patent is attached to the related development department. We provide information.

Overview of patent map function [Video]
Patent map function image diagram

Who would you like to recommend patent integration to?

While it is difficult for a relatively small organization to introduce an expensive commercial database, there is a problem that it takes man-hours and time only with free services such as JPlatPat. Since patent integration can be contracted individually with a reasonable fee system, it is used in combination with the free patent search service of each country's patent office.

I feel that this service is suitable for those who are not patent investigators, engineers, or patent experts, but who are engaged in the business of viewing patented technology.

Also, if you belong to a patent office, your main business has been to create specifications as instructed by the company, but gradually you have the ability to advise on research and development based on patent trends and the direction of rights acquisition. I think that is being sought. I think that patent integration is easy to use as a patent information service that is reasonable for such work and can be used even by beginners.

(Date of coverage: April 22, 2021)