By downloading the patent list in Excel list format and processing and organizing it, prior art search and patent search of other companies can be conducted in a short time- "IT company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange" Use case in

IT company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Mr. Y. S. (anonymous request)

Please tell us about your business outline and your business.

We are an independent manufacturer that develops and sells IT security products, embedded systems, etc. Currently, I belong to the administration department and am in charge of all internal IP-related operations including patents and trademarks.

What is the purpose of using patent integration?

This is mainly a prior art search at the time of patent application, but it is often used at the request of top management or other departments, such as patent application searches of competitors.

In particular, the top management often gives instructions to investigate trends of other companies and technological trends, and at that time, patent integration as a patent search tool is useful.

What kind of functions are you mainly using?

The Excel list (CSV) download function is mainly used in prior art searches and patent searches of other companies. For a thorough investigation, we often list over 1000 results, so it's really helpful to be able to quickly download up to 10,000 search results. Another big advantage is that you can download the status of patents such as legal status. The legal status is very important information in patent search.

First, add the downloaded list in Excel and perform a primary filtering by reading the summary. Next, obtain the gazette of each individual case according to the result, read it, mark the points, and organize it on a separate sheet. In many cases, reports to the top are explained briefly in person using a gazette with such points marked.

In addition, we have conducted a fairly thorough prior art search before filing an application, and I feel that the results have led to the acquisition of high-quality rights so far.

Overview of patent search function [Video]
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Who would you like to recommend patent integration to?

Patent Integration covers major countries in Japan, the United States, and Europe at a reasonable price, and has all the necessary basic functions such as Excel download.

Therefore, I feel that it is a particularly recommended patent search tool because it can be easily started for small IP organizations, startups, or individuals like us.

(Date of coverage: April 7, 2021)