Utilizing the contents of technological development at the seeds stage to search for partner companies to form an alliance with what kind of company to promote commercialization-Example of utilization of "Hirosaki University Hospital Kobayashi Tadashi"

Hirosaki University Hospital
General Medical Department Lecturer, Doctor of Medicine Dr. Tadashi Kobayashi

Please tell us about your university and what you do.

It is a hospital attached to the Faculty of Medicine of Hirosaki University, a national university corporation located in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture. As a core hospital in the North Tohoku medical area, we have contributed to the provision of advanced medical care, the development of advanced medical care, the education and training of medical staff, and regional medical care. As an on-campus lecturer in the general medical department, I usually examine patients as a clinician. In addition, we are striving to develop technology with a view to commercialization so that local universities can play a key role in regional industries. Specifically, I have been involved in research and development of medical devices, advisory to general incorporated associations and venture companies, and establishment of educational foundations. Marketing on the seeds side that makes use of the perspective unique to medical professionals who know the actual conditions of medical practice, development of concepts and elemental technologies, drafting of patent specifications, patent applications in Japan and overseas, licenses to venture companies / companies, planning of business models Has a wide range of work experience.

How did you get to know Patent Integration?

We believe that technical information analysis based on patent information is important in the research and development of medical devices, and after acquiring the national qualification of second-class intellectual property management technician (management work), intellectual property education We were the first doctor in Japan to be certified as an intellectual property analyst certified by the Association (AIPE) (from a voluntary questionnaire at the time of application).

Until now, patent information analysis has been performed by the JPO's JPlatPat, but I learned about the patent integration service on the JPO's website. We also considered patent analysis services of other companies, but because the price was high, we are using your company's patent integration, which can be used with an academic license at a reasonable price system.

What is the purpose of using Patent Integration?

We use patent integration to conduct technology trend surveys. If you use patent integration, you can conduct a comprehensive survey of the contents of technology development at the seeds stage to find out what kind of company you will form an alliance with to commercialize it.

What kind of functions are you mainly using?

In many cases, bubble charts are created mainly using the "patent map function (graph aggregation function)". In particular, you often set the filing date on the horizontal axis and the patent classification on the vertical axis to get an overall picture of technological trends. In addition, we often set the F-term on the horizontal axis and the IPC classification (international patent classification) on the vertical axis to pinpoint which technical field the patent application is focusing on.

Overview of patent map function [Video]
Patent map function image diagram

By setting the filing date on the horizontal axis and the company name on the vertical axis, it is convenient to grasp the transition of the number of applications for each company.

It takes a lot of man-hours and time to perform such an analysis using the data downloaded by JPlatPat, so Patent Integration is helpful because it can be easily aggregated.

Overview of person grouping function [Video]
Person grouping function image diagram

Who would you like to recommend patent integration to?

Patent Integration is characterized by reasonable pricing and consistent patent search and patent analysis. When analyzing JPlatPat search results in Excel, it is troublesome to go back and forth between search and analysis, but with patent integration, it is convenient to be able to proceed with patent information analysis while going back and forth between analysis results and search results. is.

In addition, at present, we use an external patent search company for detailed patent analysis, but by using patent integration when instructing the direction of the search, we can conduct a summary search in a short time. It is helpful to be able to do this and to be able to indicate the direction of the survey in a short time. We are also using it to promote IP landscape activities and to convey technical information to the field in an easy-to-understand manner.

In the R & D department of a university or company, even if you request a detailed technical search from an external patent search company, it is often necessary to conduct a preliminary search by yourself to some extent when instructing the direction of the search. I will. It is recommended for university researchers and corporate R & D departments because the outline survey can be completed in a short time by using patent integration.

(Date of coverage: April 12, 2021)