Grasp the technological trends in a short time by visually overlooking the application time and application contents-Example of use of "BD-CONSULTING L.L.C."

Representative CEO CFO Consultant Akihiko Yamaguchi

Please tell us about your business outline and business content.

BD-CONSULTING L.L.C.'s business is to support the research and development of client companies. In particular, we have strengths in supporting research and development related to medical equipment and regenerative medicine.

How did you learn about Patent Integration?

Last year, I attended the Graduate School of Innovation Management at Kanazawa Institute of Technology Toranomon School (KIT Toranomon Graduate School) and was introduced during class as a commercial database that can be used by individuals. After that, as a result of comparing the price and usability with other companies' products, we chose the service because your company's "Patent Integration" was easy to use.

What is the purpose of using Patent Integration?

Symptoms such as coronavirus testing equipment, ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, life support method for patients with severe respiratory failure or severe heart failure, sometimes used as a means of resuscitation of cardiopulmonary arrest) When conducting a survey of medical devices used when the disease became severe, we thought that it would be more accurate to hit from the patent literature than from the paper, so we used Patent Integration.

Patent Integration can search not only Japanese patents but also US patents and European patents, so it is used to investigate what kind of research and development is progressing worldwide and the direction of research and development. did.

What kind of functions are you mainly using?

By using the "text mining function", I feel that it is a convenient function because it is possible to grasp what kind of keywords are included in the search set in a short time. In particular, the text mining function allows a visual overview of the filing time and application contents for a relatively small patent search set, so that technical trends can be grasped in a short time. It is helpful to be able to visually grasp the information in a short time and to carry out productive patent analysis activities.

Overview of text mining function [Video]
Text mining function image diagram

Who would you like to recommend Patent Integration to?

Currently, we are investigating medical devices, and we have received requests from about 200 companies. There are about 10% of patent requests, but JPlatPat is free, but it is difficult to use, so I think it takes time. On the other hand, Patent Integration is reasonably priced, search speed is fast, and usability is very easy to use.

For a company like us that provides technical research services such as R & D support, it is cheap and you can start using it without specialized knowledge. I would like many companies to introduce it because it will lead to improved productivity.

(Date of coverage: March 2021)