Patent Integration is Integrated Patent Search and Analysis Platform. 14 Days Trial is Free!
Patent Integration is Integrated Patent Search and Analysis Platform. 14 Days Trial is Free!

What is the Patent Integration?

Patent Integration is an integrated patent search and patent analysis service made up of a patent database that contains over 46 million patent gazettes from Japan, America, Europe, China and Taiwan, and specialized client software to access that database.

And Patent Integration is one of the world's largest citation patent database covers 120 million citation records. Important patents can be found from vast amounts of ww patents easily by arranging them based on the number of reference cited.

14 Days Trial is Free! Try Patent Integration for Free.
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Patent Search

for Patent Searchers.

Features include a user interface that allows beginners to easily search for patents, the ability to download search results up to 5000 hits, and support for powerful Patent Search features such as patent family and Patent Classification Stack.

Also, by using PI Score, patent infringement investigations restricted to a wide range of rights can be performed and patents with narrow coverage can be excluded in an effective manner.

Patent Analysis

for Researchers and IP Strategists.

By utilizing patent maps, patent text mining and the citation network feature, patents can be analyzed from a variety of points of view.

Since it is possible to analyze patent literature from around the world that is compiled in the patent database, users can easily perform a global patent analysis.

Patent Viewer

for Patent Attorneys.

Patent attorneys and IP workers can reduce the amount of work they need to do when reading patent specifications by using highlighting features.

User can read a large number of patents around the world.