Keyword Search

The secondary search function can be used by clicking the "MINING" button from the list display screen. Secondary search with free search word (free word)

To perform a secondary search using a free search term, click the character icon.

In secondary search by free word, you can select "Invention name," "Summary", "Claim range", "Detailed explanation" and "Full text".

This time we will conduct a secondary search on the summary + claim range. When you click on the search button, the history was added to the yellow area on the right side of the secondary search function. This indicates that the primary search result has been narrowed down by free word search.

Also, the search condition hierarchy is displayed at the top of the secondary search screen. By doing this, you can try secondary search a number of times under various conditions.

Let's close the secondary search function and browse the retrieved patent documents.

The secondary search history once generated can be easily restored by double clicking on the history of the yellow area on the right side of the screen.

You can also display a list from the history window of Search Result Control.

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