Screening of Search Results

In Advanced Patent Search (Secondary Search), secondary search was conducted worm-eaten by using various conditions for the patent search result created at $search2_ preliminarysearch_title. Because the patent document is difficult, we do not carefully examine the patent document which I was concerned about during the secondary search in the middle of the search, but append a "flag" to the patent document which I became concerned for the time being, You usually think that you want to review the attached patent document at a later time.

Such work is called "screening work". With patent integration, screening work can be progressed easily by giving flags, notes, ratings and bookmarks arbitrarily created by users to each patent document.

Patent documents with notes, ratings, bookmarks can be listed with Patent management by Patent Portfolio.

Screening using flag function

Screening can be easily done by setting "flag". However, the "flag" given to each patent document is valid only in the patent search result with the flag, and it is not reflected in the flag of the patent document included in other search results (the flag Is a local attribute for each search result).

Meanwhile, patent documents with memos, ratings, and bookmarks can keep the same memo rating bookmarks as they are in all patent search results, and can also be used for filters etc. (memo rating rating bookmark is global attribute is).

Flags can be granted to patent documents in various scenes. For example, you can set flags in the display of patent abstracts.

You can also easily set flags from the menu displayed by right-clicking.

After setting the flags, you can only pick up patent documents that are flagged using the filter function.

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