Identify the CLSs. Part 2.

Preliminary patent search

In order to identify patent classification, we first search for patents using appropriate keywords in Easy Patent Search (preliminary search).

Identification of patent classification

In this method, by classifying statistically the patent classifications given to highly relevant patent documents, it is possible to identify patent classifications with higher accuracy than " Identify the CLSs. Part 1.".

Once you find a patent document that is highly relevant to the search goal, set a flag. Flags can be selected from three types, 1st, 2nd and Exclude. Three different flags can be used according to relevancy to identify patent classification step by step.

On the Patent Viewer screen, you can also set flags by right clicking.

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Select CLS Table from Search Result Control.

The patent classification table screen opens, and the patent classification given to the patent document to which the flag is set is totalized.

While looking at which patent documents the patent classification covers, look for the appropriate patent classification and patent classification hierarchy.

If you find the appropriate patent classification, click the "book" icon and save the patent classification to CLS Table.

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