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Patent Licensing

Only 300,000 of one million granted patents are executed in Japan. These patents are not effectively used. However, companies will want to block newcomers who want to purchase third-party patents. We think that the cost of the patent extraction disturbs the patent license business. For example, consider the drilling of oil. The cost of drilling for oil for each unit gallon must be less than ten dollars to turn out profit when the oil price of one gallon was ten dollars.

However Patent Integration achieved the decrease of the patent mining cost using PI score and citation analysis function. The decrease of the patent mining cost promotes the circulation of the cheaper patents.

Sell Patent Search

Search granted patents by your assignee name. You may use person grouping function.

Sort by PI score. And selecting the sorting from "Descending". If you have found a broad patent not related to your current business, find a buyer company. Surely there will be companies that want to take advantage of an exclusive right.

Buy Patent Search

This is the same as a Patent Infringement Search. To purchase a non competitor patents, you can enhance your patent portfolio.

Patent search method (Introduction).

Patent search method (Beginner).

Patent Search (Patent Database)

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