Legal Status

In Patent Integration, it is possible to easily create a patent map that combines examination information / legal status in addition to bibliographic information such as applicant name and filing date.

First, select "MAP" from the patent analysis menu of Search Result Control in the target search set for which you want to create a patent map and launch Patent Map Wizard.

You can select any Legal Status / Examination Information as the aggregation axis (x axis or y axis). Next, you can display summary candidates in a list by clicking the "AUTOFILL" button.

Finally, by clicking the check box of the item to be counted and selecting it, it can be set as an aggregation target.

Click the "Draw" button at the bottom of the Patent Map Wizard after completing the selection of the summary target. Then, you can obtain statistical information on examination information / legal status of the target search group as a graph.

In addition to one-dimensional graphs, it is also possible to create a two-dimensional graph by combining bibliographic information such as applicant name and inventor's name.

For example, you can easily create a two-dimensional summary graph that combines inventor's name and survival status as follows.

In addition, it is possible to use the spreadsheet software by copying the aggregated data to the clipboard. See Case 1 for details.

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