Patent Map by Person Grouping

Create a patent map

With Patent analysis with patent map, you can create a patent map using the created person grouping.

First, open the patent map from $ search_result_title where you want to create a patent map.

Display candidates

In Patent Map Wizard, select the person attribute such as applicant, inventor etc. as the field to be counted.

If you make candidate display for aggregation, grouping labels are automatically displayed if there are candidates registered in person grouping among candidates.

Addition to person grouping

Also on the Patent Map Wizard screen, you can freely add candidate labels to groups by dragging and dropping them to the grouping label.

Create a new group label

To create a group label and register a candidate label, drag and drop the candidate label to "Register to person grouping" button.

Then a person grouping window opens, so create a new group label from the entry field on the upper left.

With the group label created, click the "Add" button in the lower left input field. Note that the candidate label automatically dragged is entered in the lower left input field.

Close the People grouping window. By updating the candidate list, you can confirm that a new group label has been created.

Create a patent map

To create Patent analysis with patent map using person grouping, check the group label check box as well as the usual applicant and inventor name and select it.

Click the "PLOT" button to create a patent map.

In the patent map, the group label is expanded to the applicant name and totalization work is done.

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