Control word dictionary

Select the control word dictionary from the function menu at the top of the screen to open the control word dictionary dialog. In the control word dictionary dialog, you can control multiple keywords (terms) into one control word and apply Patent Text Mining for analysis. 

The user interface of the Controlled Word Dictionary dialog is shown below. 

① Control word dictionary registration You can create a new control word dictionary. To create a new control word dictionary, enter the dictionary name in the control word dictionary name input field and click the Add button. 
② Control word dictionary list The created control word dictionary is displayed in a list. .. You can edit or delete the dictionary name. 
③ Add control word You can register the control word. 
④ Child name input field You can add a child name to the control word. I can do it. The control word to be registered can be selected from the pull-down menu. 

Controlled word dictionary/user interface

The actual procedure for using the controlled word dictionary is as follows. I will explain. 

Create a controlled word dictionary

To create a controlled word dictionary, enter dictionary 4 and click the add button. You can create multiple control word dictionaries and switch between them. 

Add control words

From the list of control word dictionaries, control words to be edited Select the dictionary and enter control word 1 to add the control word. 

Add child name

Select the control word from the pull-down menu and enter the child name. Enter in and add. For example, add "solar panel" and "solar panel" to control word 1. 

Use in text mining function

In Patent Text Mining, pull down the control word dictionary of the text mining wizard From the menu, select the created control word dictionary and click the button to visualize it. 

This will apply the created control word dictionary and perform text mining processing.