Installation of the latest Patent Integration

To install, please click the following "INSTALL NOW" button.
Supported OS: Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux

User Registration

You can register the user ID by performing the procedure according to the screen after starting the Patent Integration. For more information, please refer to the " User Registration" page.


In case you cannot install, or the installation flash does not show up, please perform a "$text_94". If you can not install, please feel free to contact Patent Integration Support.


You may try the product free for 14 DAYS after registration (Be aware that you will not be able to log in after trial period). Regarding the fee, please refer to the " Price / Buy" page.


  • E-mail support within 3 business days.
  • The patent database will be updated at least once in January(We plan to increase the frequency of updates from now on).
  • Periodic feature expansion.

Patent Database | Coverage

Total Number of Records: 60,416,521
  • We supports major U.S., Europe, PCT and Japanese patents documents.
  • Citation coverage is 103 million records [U.S., Europe (EPSR), PCT (ISR) and Japaese prosecution data are covered].
  • Patent Family is based on INPADOC patent family.